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Concept Design

On Tuesday 6th March 2012, the Warners Bay Community Garden group lodged a development application (DA) with Lake Macquarie City Council for a new community garden in Bunya Park, Eleebana. The application includes revised plans for the community garden, with a significantly-reduced first stage.

On Friday 14th September 2012, at the request of council, further information was submitted in relation to various aspects of the DA and addressed the concerns raised by some community members.

The full DA is on public display via the Lake Macquarie City Council website here (application number 268/2012).

The application is accompanied by an independent ecological assessment, design drawings of the garden elements, detailed consideration of the likely social and environmental impacts of the garden and letters of support from local schools and community groups. The independent ecological assessment concludes that:

"The Gardens overall appear to have no direct impact, and manageable indirect impacts, with perhaps a possible positive impact by providing more fruit trees/bush tucker/vegetables trees for native wildlife. If these recommendations are carried out then indirect environmental impact should be manageable and not have an impact on the Endangered Ecological Community."

Stage 1

The components of this stage are indicated on the adjacent diagram in the orange highlighted areas.

  • The building of the first raised vegetable garden beds. The garden beds will be built in line with community demand and resources;
  • The creation of street appeal with a welcoming and organic-looking entrance to the garden, and the planting of the eastern side of the semi-circular pattern of citrus/fruit trees on the southern part of the Site;
  • The formation of the swale;
  • The installation of an information sign to display permanent information about the garden;
  • The installation of a bike rack to encourage cycling to the Garden and utilisation of the foreshore shared cycleway as an ideal way to travel to the Garden;
  • The establishment of an area of bush foods and screening plants in the eastern part of the Site, using indigenous species (endemic where possible);

The building of compost bays; and

  • The informal establishment of pathways.

Stage 2

  • The building of additional raised vegetable gardens and further plantings of fruit trees and native plants, and will include provision for children, mobility-impaired gardeners and sensory/herb gardens
  • The construction of a storage shed to reduce the need to carry garden tools to and from the Site and hence reduce the need for car transport to the Garden;
  • The construction of the shade house to enable planting and propagation of seedlings;
  • The construction of the pavilion, with cooking facilities (BBQ and pizza oven);
  • The installation of the rainwater tanks and irrigation;
  • The installation of a small notice board / message board for communication between gardeners(inside the shade house); and
  • The construction of the remaining pathways.

What's next?

  • Stages 1 & 2 have been predominantly completed, and we look forward to continuing to build the garden.

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