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Welcome to WBCG

The community garden is located in Bunya Park, Eleebana (Cherry Road).

We have regular scheduled Working Bees on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9 am to 2 pm, and every Wednesday from about 8am to 11 am.

Bring the family and share in the experience of growing friendship, food and community.

Come along and join in, meet new people, learn new skills, and have a free lunch.

Everyone welcome

If you have any queries, please phone our Convenor, Trudy Patterson, on 0411 016 108

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As well as the regular working bees, there are lots of activities to particpate including seedling growing, stalls, composting, garden planning, information events and regular social catch-ups over morning tea. It is also likely to be some activity in the garden on weekends and sometimes during the week.

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Recent Activity


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20-Jun-18 Shed construction completed
11-Mar-18 Autumn Open Day in the garden
10-Mar-18 Installation of new shed commenced
7-Feb-18 Gossi bin installed
Dec-17 Access pathway added to join into existing park
20-May-17 Working bee to install entrance pathway
18-Feb-17 Working bee to remove sediment fence
19-Nov-16 Working bee in the garden, assisted by Permaculture Hunter
15-Oct-16 Working bee in the garden, morning tea and lunch provided
17-Sep-16 Working bee in the garden, morning tea and lunch provided
16-Aug-16 Working bee at Bunya Park, 20 people helped to improve the garden
28-Aug-16 AGM held and new committee appointed
20-Aug-16 Installed Welcome signs at Bunya Park
25-May-16 Wednesday in the park working bee
23-May-16 Working bee at Boolaroo Public School.
21-May-16 Working bee at Bunya Park. Planting, watering, weeding, mowing, setting up irrigation. 
21-May-16 Working bee at Boolaroo Open Day
18-May-16 Wednesday in the park working bee
27-April-16 First "Wednesday in the park" working bee
16-Sep-15 Children from Eleebana Kindy Patch visited WBCG and donated and assisted with planting lettuce seedlings.
09-Sep-15 Greenhouse working bee. Potted seedlings
21-May-16 Working bee at Bunya Park. Planting, watering, weeding, mowing, setting up irrigation. 
02-Sep-15 Working bee Bunya Park. Planting and construction of garden beds.
15-Aug-15 Working bee at Bunya Park. Planting and garden bed construction. First harvest. 
02-Aug-15 WBCG seedling stall at the Wellness Festival, Valentine Public School.
29-Jul-15 Mowing and planting working bee at Bunya Park.
25-Jul-15 Working bee planting herbs in herb garden.
24-Jul-15 WBCG held a seedling stall at the Warners bay Early Learning Centre.
WBCG hosted a meeting of the Lake Macquarie Garden Network.
Seedlings were planted and garden beds were constructed.
20-Jun-15 Irrigation pipes were installed at Bunya Park.
03-Jun-15 Working bee - cladding garden beds with Colourbond.
20-May-15 Planting first seedlings in our first garden bed at Bunya Park.
17-May-15 Bush Tucker Planting at Bunya Park.
29-Apr-15 Greenhouse Working Bee for potting seedlings.
17-Apr-15 Glendale Bunnings donated materials and the Bunnings Team assisted in installing the compost bays at the garden.
15-Mar-15 Working bee for garden bed construction
15-Feb-15 Compost bay construction
26-Nov-14 Swale construction
01-Apr-14 Council news including Vegetative Management Plan (VMP) approved, Land Use Agreement approved, Member's Manual (Operating Manual) approved, Construction Certificate (CC) issued.
01-Nov-13 Eleebana Public School visit to Bunya Park
13-Oct-13 AGM - Committee and Office Bearers elected
13-Jul-13 Trivia Night coming in August
19-May-13 Added Laneway Park CG Adamstown to Find A CG page
05-May-13 News and photo gallery update
29-Mar-13 Photo Gallery update
01-Mar-13 Photo's from stalls
12-Dec-12 News updated with CG approval
10-Oct-12 Added Windale Community Garden To Find A Local CG
18-Sep-12 Photo's from Living Smart Festival
20-Aug-12 Photo's from working bees
29-Apr-12 Photo's from Twilight Markets added to Photo Gallery
24-Apr-12 WBHS / JobQuest Programme in news.
06-Mar-12 DA submitted to LMCC. Concepts page updated.
24-Nov-11 Added news item and photos of Living Smart Festival
31-Oct-11 Letter of appreciation on our news page from Kindy Patch
09-Oct-11 Letter of appreciation on our news page from Warners Bay Early Learning and Care Centre
21-Aug-11 Updated Find a Community Garden page and Photo Gallery
07-Jun-11 Letter of Appreciation from Warners Bay Early Learning Centre
14-May-11 New media article 
28-Apr-11 New media article 
11-Apr-11 Invitation for Kids Garden Club at Warners Bay Public School, updated news and photo gallery
17-Mar-11 Added video on How to Make Paper Seedling Pots
13-Dec-10 Dec newsletter and FAQ about fencing


Looking for a Community Garden near you?

We're compiling a list of other Community Gardens in and around Lake Macquarie.

Interest and participation with Community Gardens gardens has certainly grown lately with inquiries from local schools, churches, nursing homes, playgroups, other community organisations and businesses all wanting to find out more.

Check out our directory page for a list.

If you are part of a community garden and like to be included, please feel free to submit your details on the Contact Us page.

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