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News Archive 2011

November 2011 - Living Smart Festival

Thanks to everyone for your huge efforts to make this year’s Living Smart Festival stall such a success. Many people behind the scenes contributed a huge amount of time and effort to ensure the success of our stall.

We had so many great conversations with so many great local people. We spoke to hundreds of friendly local residents who were interested and supportive of the community garden. From the many kids whose eyes lit up as they had their face painted to all the backyard gardeners who bought our beautiful organic seedlings, the response was fantastic.

We also spoke at length to some of the movers and shakers in Lake Macquarie and we got our message out on ABC radio too. We think the ABC chose us because of the contribution we made to the day with the teepees and our group’s inclusive community focus. So the thanks for all of that must go out to the members in our group, whose actions speak louder than words. We have shown a level of patience and persistence that was described by a local gardening guru as "a triumph".

Our stall had a constant buzz from the minute we set up to the minute we packed up, and it wasn’t just the bee man next door! :)

Every dollar raised at our stall will, of course, go straight back to the community to help build the Warners Bay Community Garden in Bunya Park.

October 2011 - Kindy Patch Working Bee


Click to visit gallery

Congratulations to all our members who worked so hard at our Kindy Patch working bee. A beautiful result - visit the photo gallery for for before and after garden pics and everyone digging in. Thanks to those who provided expert advice, seeds, lettuce seedlings, other seedlings, cold drinks, and tools.

Thank you Kieran and and Kindy Patch staff for looking after WBCG so well with the lovely fruit platter and sausage sizzle.

Special thanks to Kieran for organising the rain for watering in the new plantings. Well timed.


Thank you so much to all the members of the Warners Bay Community Garden group who kindly donated their time to rejuvenate our garden. The garden looks amazing and we can not wait to begin harvesting the fresh produced from it.

Kind Regards

Kieran Giles
Centre Manager
Kindy Patch Eleebana
T 02 4947 3233 | F 02 49471322
80 Cherry Road Eleebana NSW 2282

October 2011 - Letter of appreciation

I just wanted to write to say thank you for the seedlings you donated to work. The pre-schoolers have been loving the vegetable gardens that your group kindly installed for us. Our toddlers have recently reached an age where they are very interested in gardening and growing food that we can use in our cooking. They have even created their own little garden in the front yard so they could have their own space for their things without the pre-schoolers getting in their way. We planted some carrots in a translucent bowl which have begun to grow so we are watching their growth through the side of the bowl. It is very exciting! Your recent donation of seedlings seemed like Christmas to our children who were trying hard to remember the names of the different herbs and to tell them apart so they could tell their parents. It is so nice to see our children absorbed in something like this and connecting with nature. What is even better is that some of the families have now started their own vegetable gardens and worm farms to follow the children’s interest. So we would like to say a huge thank you to you and your group for your ongoing support.

Warners Bay Early Learning and Care Centre


Our pleasure Belinda. Its good to know that our work is appreciated.

Kind regards,
WBCG Committee & members

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Kids Garden Club at Warners Bay Public School

Warners Bay Public School invites WBCG volunteers to assist with the new ’Kids Garden Club’ starting up at the school in Mills St Warners Bay. Gardening sessions are planned for Mondays and Fridays.
Kids Garden Club is being offered to all interested boys and girls from Kinder to Year 6.
This is a new activity being coordinated by Cathy and Rebecca (parents and members of WBCG) with the support of WBCG volunteers, WBPS P&C Committee and school Principal, Mr. Peter Byrne.

The idea of the Kids Garden Club is for kids to come along to have fun growing plants under the supervision of parents and community garden volunteers. They will be using the existing raised garden bed behind the kinder rooms. No cost is planned.

Session times are out of class time and rely on the availability of parent and community volunteers. You are welcome to drop by week to week as convenient. Times as below.

MONDAYS - 3.15 - 4.30pm; 4.00 - 5.00pm
FRIDAYS - 1.00 - 2.00pm

WBCG Volunteers, Parents, grandparents, friends and children are welcome to participate. For more information or to register for the ’Kids Garden Club’ please contact Cathy or Rebecca.

Cathy: 0414 182 614 Rebecca: 0408 249 709 

(Please refer to the attached PDF to enroll)

Size: 100.77 Kb

April 2011 - VegeBlitz Report

All over the world lately, people are realising that growing our own food as locally as possible is part of the solution to our environmental, social, health and economic problems!

Vegieblitzes are a wonderful, fun way to be part of that positive solution.

Community gardens can be behind this idea ... ultimately aiming to have everyone grow as much sustainable food as possible at home, as well as in their Community Gardens.

Click on the image to read a full report on the March Vegeblitz (PDF Format).

There are plenty of photo's in our Photo Gallery too!

March 2011 - Warners Bay Early Learning Centre

On the morning of Sunday 27th March 2011 WBCG members constructed three new veggie gardens for the children at Warners Bay Early Learning & Care Centre.

The centre’s parents, children and staff did a fantastic job removing the old veggie beds and organising the new materials, and worked tirelessly to transform the bare gardens around the centre’s carpark into pretty and sustainable native gardens.

The WBCG team put together three pre-fab corrugated metal garden beds, then with the help of some wonderful parents and children, lined them with newspaper, filled them with soil, and mulched and watered them in ready for the children to plant the seedlings later in the week (seedlings were grown and donated by the WBCG volunteer seedling growers).

The parents and the community gardeners transplanted the turf from below the new garden beds to an area of the playground needing new grass.

The community gardener’s then gave the parents and teachers a hand to plant out the last of the native plants around the carpark area, to finish off a very productive morning outdoors.

Thank you to all the WBCG members who took part! It was a great social way to start the day.

Thank you to the WBCG members who brought along the tools, mulch, newspaper and morning tea!

Thank you to the staff, parents and children for making WBCG so welcome,
and for the lovely morning tea!

Update 18-04-2011: Letter of Appreciation (click to view PDF)

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