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News Archive 2009

Dec 2009: Activities and Materials Stockpiling

We have assurances that a site will be found soon. In the meantime, many of the group have been keeping busy growing seedlings for the market and starting up a "seed-saving" group. Contact us if you would like to become involved in either of these activities.

Many businesses have offered support with materials we need once the garden constructions start. Lizard Lawn Mowing and Garden Care have kindly offered to start dropping lawn clippings at a member’s house so that we can make a start on making good quality compost for our first gardens. If anyone else has land available for this activity, it would really make a difference to the early stages of the project.

Warners Bay Newsagency is kindly saving newspapers for us as well. Newspaper is a vital resource when it comes to building garden beds and suppressing weeds. This is just one of the useful skills that we would be happy to teach volunteers in the near future. For further information on "no-dig" garden beds, follow this link: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s867068.htm

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Nov 2009: Lions Club Markets

The Warners Bay Community Garden group conducted our first public fund-raising event today at the Warners Bay Lions club markets. The members have been eagerly raising a variety of modern and heirloom seedlings to sell at the markets.

The markets are held on the second Sunday of each month in the John Street car park so drop by next month and find out more about our group and how you can become involved.

We are eager to include both experienced and rookie gardeners alike so don’t feel that gardening experience is a prerequisite.

Oct 2009: Gazebo Donation

Bunnings Belmont has kindly donated a gazebo to our comminuty garden to assist us with things like market stalls and such. The group would like to extend a big thank you to Alanna at Bunnings Belmont and to Trish and John Jarvie for coordinating this on behalf of the group.

Bunnings Belmont
Address: 393 Pacific Hwy,
Belmont 2280
Phone: (02) 4945 7000
Web: www.bunnings.com.au

Oct 2009: LMCC Policy

A Community Gardens Policy was adopted by Lake Macquarie City Council today which will help pave the way for our garden to become a reality.

Thankyou to everyone involved with the preparation and adoption of this policy.

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Aug 2009: Donation of Tools From Mark Henley

At the last meeting of the Warners Bay Community Garden a week or so back, Ben showed us all a photo of the tools which you have been collecting for use in our community garden, (when it eventuates).
This is a wonderful gesture by you, to benefit us in our endeavours in the garden. We appreciate the thought and the work entailed in refurbishing these tools. We will look after these tools and remember your kind intentions whenever we use them.
Thank you from all the members of the WBCG.

Trish Jarvie Public Liaison Officer Warners Bay Community Garden 

Offers of Support

26-March-2009 : News of the project is spreading fast since an article was published in the Warners Bay Chamber of Commerce Newsletter this month. Word has reached many areas within Lake Macquarie City Council and the feedback has been very encouraging.

The following business and community groups have come forward and offered their support:

  • CHERRY ROAD NURSERY - has informational poster on display.
  • TAYLOR INITIATIVES - providing website design, hosting and support.
  • VITOLOGY, HEALTH SHOP - has offered to display our informational poster and leaflets in his shop. Ian also offered to take surplus produce from the garden and sell it in his shop.
  • J & J JARVIE - has offered a cash donation to help establish the garden.
  • LEE ROWAN’S GARDENWORLD - has offered to display our informational poster and leaflets in their shop.
  • WARNERS BAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - publishing articles about the project in the monthly newsletter.
  • MAC’S TIMBER & HARDWARE - is displaying our poster and leaflets in the shop.

On top of this, a growing army of "urban farmers" have come forward, keen to find out more about the project and how they can become involved. There have also been some very generous offers by various residents and community groups to make available patches of unused space for gardening. We are drawing up plans for how we can integrate these smaller sub-gardens into the overall project.

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